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Actual Situation of Western Society

Reflecting briefly the actual situation in our western society (mainly Europe and the US), we recognise some fundamental changes in particular in our political, social and economical situation. Those bear the potential to disrupt the world as we are used to, triggered by some recent major events:

Social Imbalance

Social Imbalance between the so-called Western countries and the emerging ones. People there want to participate on our western freedom, security and wealth. So they migrate to an extend that the wealthy countries cannot absorb all immigrants without notice by national population.

International terrorism

International terrorism became an impacting phenomenon since 9/11. In a globalised world also terrorists globalise their attacs to places where the media echo is the max. This caused restrictions and limitations to the freedom rights of Western World habitants. The (legal) liberality of the decade before was pushed back. Constitutional rights where questioned by the raised awareness for security. In consequence the police, secret service, in general the legislation for the security agencies in all western countries were modified. In some countries this became very visible by the many surveillance cams installed. Today, our national authorities observe us, the inhabitants of their own countries much more, than in the decade before 9/11. It is said to be justified by the need for more security.


Economically, the increase of wealth in the western countries has not progressed as it was seen in recent decades. Uprise of the chinese economy and decline of the US dominated western world make visible the possible economic transformation of the future. In addition, the number of traditional industrial jobs is constantly reducing also nutured by upcomming new technologies. So, the typical, even expected bright outlook for the future gets shady.

Political Reaction

All the above points caused the national political systems to react. In the end it fosters the rise of extreme parties with all its negative impacts. As a result, since support to extreme parties rose some even rule their country today. Backed by their new power those governments increase the pressure on democratic habits and institutions and reduce the freedom rights further on.

Consequence for the Peoples

In consequence, the feeling for freedom got lost for the population of those countries. Affected are mainly the younger people as they recognise how their future opportunities for a wealthy and joyfull life get harmed.

Fridays for Futures merit is that everybody recognised the devastating impact of our carbon-based energy industry. The inevitable transformation of our actual industrial landscape introduces further risks for a wealthy future. But the successful participation of especially the young people proved the power they have, once they organise and fight for their interests, which is the positive aspect. It demonstrates also, participation and a change is possible.

This perception, together with the near end of the pandemic creates a new awareness of life.

It is time for a new era, something new in fashion to come!

As fashion designer, we try to satisfy the demand and wishes of our customers. By doing so, in dialogue with our customers we recognise new wishes, new interests. The above situation triggered a new fashion trend, whose main pillars are according to our observation freedom, poyfulness and Participation.

The recent result of the German federal election (in 2021) can be understood in this context. 16 years of conservatism have ended. The youth is thirsty for a change.

First of all this is being expressed by the denial of traditional styles, being rather normal for the young. A mix of styles is predominantly, e.g. strong footwear mixed with fluffy, girlish dresses. Important also are bright, life-positive colors, enriched by playful prints or embroidery. The key element however are the fabrics. We often use ruffled tulle to create a lightweight, easy going and run-free look.

The photos opposite illustrate our understanding of this new fashion style.

Check out our dresses, here or on Instagram or Pinterest.

Be part of the transformation.

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