Who is the Fashion Studio BediaB?

The Fashion Designer

My family comes from Erzurum, a large city in the mountains in eastern Turkey. Where the summer is so scorchingly hot that rivers dry up and the freezing cold winter conjures up a wonderland. A city with a lot of culture, hero stories and myths. A place located on the historic Silk Road, but where wolves tear the sheep and the bears nibble on the farmers’ honey at night. The oriental fairy tales from 1001 nights were created there as well.

I was born, grew up and studied in the Stuttgart area in southern Germany. This mixture of European and Oriental culture and tradition is reflected in my personality, but also in my drafts and designs.

The Brand BediaB

BediaB is basically an oriental storyteller. The collection is deliberately designed in such a way that the wearer is transformed into incredibly beautiful fairy-tale characters and transported to fantastic locations. To places with shine and heavenly scents. She should not only wear a beautiful dress, but also feel and experience the magic that emerges from the dress. The wearer of my fashion is immersed in my world of wonders that I love.

BediaB combines my first name and the initial of the family name of my glorious ancestors from that time. It is pronounced ‘Bedia Be’.