Who we are

The creative head of our company is the fashion designer Bedia Peukert. After several years of industry experience, she founded the BediaB fashion studio in 1997. Her particular interest is extravagant evening wear. Due to their great experience in the production of this elaborate and demanding fashion, we are able the offer high quality wedding dress, historical costumes and modern evening gowns together with stylish creation, as recently the strawberry collection.

Bedia Peukert

Thus, we can offer you the best possible service for individual fashion. And at very moderate prices! We specialize in exclusive single parts and small series. You can also order our clothing directly. Take a look at our offer in the online shop, maybe there is something for you, too. We offer most of the articles via etsy as made-to-measure clothing, i.e. the articles are only produced according to their dimensions and after receipt of the order. This makes changes easy. For example, other materials and colors are easy to realize. This makes your dress an exclusive one-off! Our individual customization gives us the opportunity to realize your special wishes. Your dream dress can become real through us. We will of course support you with extensive advice and a selection of designs and fabrics tailored to your needs.

The small quantities of our fashion are important to us, because they ensure our exclusive claim and high quality of workmanship. We take great care great to high-quality fabrics with a high proportion of natural fibers. Because you will appreciate this wearing comfort.

The lady with individual taste, who also values ​​service, high-quality materials and first-class workmanship, will find what she is looking for with us.