Our Dresses, Costumes & Gowns

All shown dresses are examples and are subject to customization as requested by you. A brief overview of what we have done so far, lovingly handcrafted to the highest quality workmanship by a German fashion studio.

Glitter Tulle Heart Print Dresses

Our newest fabric shows printed glitter hearts on soft tulle. The most spectactular new design is the „Glitter Hearty Set Dress“, presented here below. But also other designs are available on our Instagram page and in etsy. Check it out!

Strawberry Collection

The Strawberry Doll is a dress that can be worn overdressed or underdressed. You can combine with high heels, ballerinas or boots. It can also be styled with jeans and a chunky cardigan. This dress is intended for every day, it must not hang in the closet and wait until there is an occasion for its appearance. The dress with the empire waist has large voluminous puff sleeves, a very wide skirt and a heart neckline. The entire dress is provided with several layers of tulle. The upper body and skirt area are also processed with lining material. Since it has an empire cut, the dress is also magically since it hides a belly.

The black strawberrey tulle dress has character and can be styled in many ways. Although, it doesn’t show any curves or a lot of skin, it still looks very sexy, classy and confident. Especially, with fishnets and high heels you will transform into a diva. With boots and black fishnets or knitted overknees and a cool denim jacket it will be suitable for everyday use and you will become a girly. Wear it with sunglasses for a touch of Italian coolness.

Empire Minidress

This dress swings playfully around your body, the voluminous puffed sleeves and the heart neckline give the dress a touch of retro charm. Except for the puff sleeves, the entire dress is made with lining material. In addition, the wide flounced skirt consists of several layers of organza in light purple. Since the skirt swings when you walk, the purple petticoats come out.

Killing Eve Tulle Dress

We customize our Killing Eve dress from a very fine and soft tulle, which is often used party outfit or for bridal veils. The dress has several tulle skirts, thus that it is beautifully voluminous and puffy. If you dare, you combine it with boots and wear it as street wear.

Our Killing Eve Dress is avialable in various colors, shown here below are white and pink. We offer the dress also in black, green or in light pink.

Pink Babydoll Star Tulle Dress

This creation is manufactured from a high-quality, very fine and soft tulle with daisy embroidery of stars. The dress has several tulle skirts so it is beautifully voluminous and puffy. Even though it’s made of an infinite amount of tulle, it is as light as a butterfly.

Bridal Dresses & Ball Gowns

Various bespoke dresses as tailored for our customers. Some are being inspired by movies or films and often worn to very special events like balls, weddings or celebrations.

Movie Costumes

Custom-made film costumes from movies made exclusively for you! Ideally to be worn as ball gown or wedding dress.

Whether inspired by the dresses of “The Lord of the Rings”, by Padme Amidala from “Star Wars” or your very own dream dress from your more recent favorite film or even a Manga costume – we make individual artful costumes according to your measurements. Also mixtures of elements from different movies or adaptations to costumes are possible.
You can have your dream dress designed individually, just contact our fashion designer.