Cleaning of Silk Fabric

3. Januar 2021 Support

Silk is a very noble material, which is why we prefer it for our clothes and costume production.

However, silk is very sensitive, which is why printed and dark silk fabrics should always be dry-cleaned. Taffeta, silk brocade, chiffon, organdy, satin, georgette and ties are essential for professional cleaning.

  • Stains in silk clothing and textiles should never be removed by yourself, but should be treated directly in the dry cleaner
  • Silk fabrics with colorful designs should not be washed, as silk absorbs a lot of color and there is a risk of bleeding during washing. Although all printed silk fabrics are washed by the manufacturer after printing, dry cleaning is still recommended.
  • Blouses in light plain colors as well as linen fabrics and underwear made of silk can be washed in a hand bath. However, follow the washing instructions exactly and do a color test if possible.
  • Pure silk fabrics must not be soaked, washed hot or boiled. Only a lukewarm foam bath (not above 30°C) with a special mild detergent is recommended.
  • Garments made of silk do not belong in the washing machine, the spin dryer or the dryer.

Never rub, brush, squeeze, or wring pieces made of pure silk. They are only gently moved in the lukewarm lye. Important: then rinse well, first with lukewarm, then with cold water. You can add a dash of white vinegar to the last rinse. That refreshes the colors. The wet piece is then gently squeezed into a clean towel. Avoid direct sunlight and the vicinity of radiators when drying. The silk is ironed while it is still damp, the reverse side with a moderately warm iron. This requires special care, as e.g. Makes marks when you press on the seams. Pure silk must neither be ironed with a hot iron nor a steam iron used. Honan and Shantung silk, on the other hand, may only be ironed on the back when it is completely dry.

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