Cleaning of Silk Fabric

3. Januar 2021 Support

Silk is a very noble material, which is why we prefer it for our clothes and costume production. However, silk is very sensitive, which is why printed and dark silk fabrics should always be dry-cleaned. Taffeta, silk brocade, chiffon, organdy, satin, georgette and ties are essential for professional cleaning. Stains in silk clothing and textiles should never be removed by yourself, but should be treated directly in the dry cleaner Silk fabrics with colorful designs should not be washed, asWeiterlesen

Care Instructions

2. Januar 2021 Support

The information below has been compiled to the best of our knowledge and belief. Please understand that we cannot accept any liability for any errors or damage resulting from them. The care lables are standardised by the international standard ISO 3758. However, in the US, Japan and in South Korea different national symbols are in use. The symbols known from the care labels of dresses are explained below supporting an appropriate care of your clothing. A crossed-out symbol prohibits theWeiterlesen