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New Fashion Trend Ahead

5. Juni 2021 Dresses, Fashion Trends

Actual Situation of Western Society Reflecting briefly the actual situation in our western society (mainly Europe and the US), we recognise some fundamental changes in particular in our political, social and economical situation. Those bear the potential to disrupt the world as we are used to, triggered by some recent major events: Social Imbalance between the so-called Western countries and the emerging ones. People there want to participate on our western freedom, security and wealth. So they migrate to anWeiterlesen

Glitter Hearty Dress Set – from Idea to Wow

22. Mai 2021 Dresses
Glitter Hearty Set Dress

Our newest cretation is a two piece dress set of soft tulle, printed with glitter hearts. It started a one piece dress, but Bedia found the two piece version much more attractive and thrilling. See how it evolved … First ideas show a typical dress cut, on the right in winter time in our garden. And now, finally the much more fashionable design, a two piece cut with bolero style top and a skirt of two different soft tulle fabrics.

Killing Eve Tulle Dress

26. März 2021 Dresses
Killing Eve

We offer the Killing Eve dress, bespoke handcrafted from a very fine and soft tulle, which is often used as party outfit or for bridal gowns. Our dress has several tulle skirts, making it beautifully voluminous and puffy. The perfect street wear!

Black Strawberry Dress completed

21. März 2021 Dresses
Black Strawberry sketch

Actually, our pink strawberry collection is beloved by our customers. So we offer this dress also in black with, of course, strawberries printed on the light tulle fabric. See the first picture elow. It is ready to be shipped.

Photoshooting Strawberry Dress

24. Dezember 2020 Dresses

Beautiful Swedish model Luvan Ivarsson is wearing our Strawberry tulle dress at a photoshoot in Göteborg, Sweden. Shop your Strawberry tulle dress in etsy – DerSonnenPilz.

Pink Babydoll Dress

24. Dezember 2020 Dresses

Swedish Luvan Ivarsson presenting our pink tulle Babydoll dress. You can shop the dress on our etsy page DerSonnenPilz. Two cute babydoll dresses of pink tulle and posted on our account „DerSonnenpilz“ in Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJJbs3rnwLj/