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The information below has been compiled to the best of our knowledge and belief. Please understand that we cannot accept any liability for any errors or damage resulting from them.
The care lables are standardised by the international standard ISO 3758. However, in the US, Japan and in South Korea different national symbols are in use.

The symbols known from the care labels of dresses are explained below supporting an appropriate care of your clothing. A crossed-out symbol prohibits the respective treatment.

Waschbottich Washing

The ‚wash tub‘ symbol alows wet washing. It applies to both hand and machine wash. The numbers in the wash tub correspond to the maximum washing temperatures. A bar under the symbol calls for a milder wash, e.g. gentle cycle or lower machine load. A hand in the symbol recommends hand washing only.

Dreieck Bleach

The symbol for the bleach shall be considered for treatments at home or when in a commercial laundry.

  • No marking inside the trinagle allows all bleach agents
  • Two diagonal lines allow Oxygen, only
  • Cl asks for chlorination. Today, at least in Europe, chlorination is not anymore allowed.

Bügeleisen Ironing

The points inside the symbol indicate the maximum temperature. 3 points correspond to 200°C, 2 points to 150°C, one point to 110°C.

Kreis Dry Cleaning

The letters recommend cleaning and stain removers. A line under the symbol of the cleaning drum means a restriction in the mechanical stress, addition of moisture or temperature.

  • A = the use of common solvents is possible. Today, this marking is rather unkommon.
  • P = perchlorethylene and fluorocarbon. They are the most common cleaning agents for normal cases
  • F = fluorocarbon and heavy gasoline. They are used for sensitive articles

Applied typically to lined garments with interlining, e.g. costumes, suits, jackets and coats.

Trockner Tumble Drying

The points shown in the symbol of the dryer drum indicate the drying level. Two points correspond to normal drying, one point to gentle drying. Caution, the symbol does not inform about shrinkage in the dryer. Usually, wool, silk, polyacrylic and shrink-sensitive knitted fabrics without special labeling are not suitable for tumble drying.

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